Chael Walks Away From MMA

Chael Sonnen has finally hung up his mma gloves and is walking away from the sport. After his loss to Lyoto Machida, his second consecutive defeat, he deemed it time to end an incredibly entertaining career.

With a professional record of 30-17-01, Chael has taken on a who’s who in the sport. Fedor Emelianenko, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Quentin Jackson, Wanderlei Silva, Tito Ortiz to name just a handful.

His retirement though has certainly being called correctly at this late stage in his career. In his last ten cage appearances Chael only managed to win three times. Compared to the 10 fights prior where he only lost three times.

Speaking after his loss to Machida, Chael touched on how moments in this fight convinced him to make this decision.

“You’ve got to be tough in this sport. I feel like I used all of my toughness up. There was some positions in there that, before in my career, I’d have walked right through them.”

Expanding on this breakdown Chael continued: “I didn’t mind losing to him in his spots – you know, some of the stuff on our feet and those jumping knees and whatnot. But I did mind losing to him in my spots. He was on top of me, and I didn’t think he’d be on top of me.

Finally he added: “I thought I could have scrambled, I thought I could have got up. I used to be tougher, I used to want it more, I used to have more grit, and I just felt like maybe I fired my last bullet. I didn’t have that same grit, and it’s time to move on.”

To watch Chaels final appearance in the cage, check out the video below courtesy of Fox Sports Brasil.


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