Has Paulie brought Conor out of retirement


What is it about slapping somebody in the face that’s so disrespectful? Physically a stinging slap to the face does less damage than the blunt force trauma of a clinched fist. Although, if you got one from Vasily Kamostky, you could argue that statement.

But, putting Vasily’s abilities to one side, getting a slap is more of a demeaning measure to hurt the ego. It’s a degrading action to shame or break the receiver and it works wonders. Just look at the Diaz brothers fights. They’ve slapped so many of their opponents that their technique has actually been christened the “Stockton Slap”.

There are a few other slaps that are note worthy.
One of those slaps happened a year ago this week when Khabib Nurmagomedov  caught up with Artem Lobov.

Artem had allegedly talked bad about Khabib who heard about it and decided to confront him.

Paulie and Artem

That one kicked off an unprecedented reaction from Artem’s teammate Conor McGregor which ended in arrests and lawsuits.
Fast forward a year later and Artem is on the receiving end of another slap, this time from Paulie Malignaggi.

Both men know each other ever since McGregor brought Paulie in as a sparring partner for his Mayweather preparations. That didn’t end after McGregor released footage of himself flooring Paulie in training which obviously irks Paulie to this day.

Paulie is so thirsty for revenge against McGregor that’d he’d try anything to get at him. Even going as far as “pulling a Khabib”.
Both Artem and Paulie have recently signed with Bare Knuckle FC with Artem debuting on Saturday night against Jason Knight.

Paulie has been quite vocal about fighting Lobov and obviously views this as a way to a fight with McGregor.
So when Artem and Paulie were attending a media day for BKFC’s upcoming Saturday show things finally kicked off.

When both men finally came face to face Malignaggi took umbrage to Artem vaguely threatening him and lashed out.
Both fighters had to be seperated as a scuffle between the pair ensued.

There has been mention of a fight between the pair in June once Artem gets through Knight on Saturday. No doubt this is sure to happen now after the media buzz surrounding their exchange.

But the long game for Paulie here is a shot at McGregor and judging by his Twitter account it might have worked.


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