Jorge Masvidal…just Wow!

Jorge Masvidal…What can you say about this lads performance Saturday night? It was just phenomenal. The UFC could have actually called it a night after that fight and there would have been no complaints.

The UFC 239 card as a whole was quite tasty and even had two titles on the line. There was a plethora of great fights on show in the T-Mobile but Masvidal vs Askren was the highlight.

Leading up to fight night, Masvidal hadn’t particularly played ball with Askren in terms of smack talk. Sure they had their run in at their hotel but Jorge refused to play Ben’s game.

Masvidal seemingly decided to let Ben talk the talk while he instead would walk the walk. And by “walk the walk” I mean sprint full tilt across the cage with a flying knee for Ben’s face.

It was just a spectacular moment in and of itself. Even more spectacular when you consider Askren had previously been undefeated. And even more spectacular still when you realise Masvidal planned this all along.

It was one of those special moments in MMA where everyone watching stood to attention. Even Michael Cheisa and Israel Adesanya, mid-interview, had to take a moment to appreciate it.

So the UFC now has a new fastest knockout record and the fans have a highlight for the ages. Masvidal got himself an extra 50 G’s for his efforts and now a potential title shot. Unfortunately Ben did loose his “0” but no doubt will be back to his funky self soon.


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