Terence Crawford defeats Amir Khan in unusual circumstances

Over the weekend Terence Crawford and Amir Khan threw down for the WBO welterweight title. Crawford was utterly dominant in a fight that cemented him as one of the pound for pound best right now.

Crawford, from start to finish, wasted no time in picking Khan apart. It was unusual in a way as Khan usually takes the early rounds of his fights. His speed and combinations are often the difference in the beginning of his bouts. This time however he simply got out classed by his opponent. Crawford was flawless as he outdid Khan even scoring an early 1st round knockdown.

Khan did manage to land a few combos of his own but he was simply out matched in this fight.
The big talking point was the ending however. While mixing it up against the ropes Crawford unintentionally caught Khan with a low blow. Immediately Khan buckled from the punch and returned to his corner. He was given five minutes to recover from the shot but after less than two he couldn’t continue.
These things unfortunately happen in boxing but it was a disappointing ending to a brilliant fight. We can all empathise with Khan after taking a shot like that, it understandable that he couldn’t continue. But when the replays started showing where the low blow landed it brought up alot of questions.

It didn’t seem like the punch landed right on the money at all. It appeared to land more on Khan’s leg if anything. Now, any man will tell you sometimes even the slightest graze in that area can leave you on the floor.  Then there are times you can get hit hard and you’re back on your feet within seconds.  It just makes you wonder if Khan simply wanted out of this fight. Was it a matter of him being outdone and seizing the first opportunity to get out? This is certainly what Crawford though.

At the end of the day no fighter is going to admit taking the easy way out of a fight. All we can do is take them at their word. But we can for sure have our own opinion on what we witnessed. Teddy Atlas summed it up perfectly with his take on the ending. While still giving Khan some leeway he simply put into words how most feel after the weekend.


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