The Korean Zombie walks through Moicano

Chang Sung Jung wasted no time Saturday night as he defeated Renato Moicano in under a minute.
What better way to bounce back from a devastatingly late loss than with a ferociously quick victory. “The Korean Zombie” left the crowd at UFC Greenville in awe as he dismantled his opponent in formidable fashion.

At UFC Fight Night 139, Jung was assured of a scorecard victory over Yair Rodriguez only to get KO’d at 4.59 in the final round. That night Jung sustained a stunning reverse elbow from Yair ending Jung’s night with victory only 1 second away. At UFC Greenville however Jung was not going to suffer the same fate again as he looked for redemption.

Indeed redemption is exactly what he gained too as he put on a textbook display inside the Octagon. Inside just 58 seconds Jung landed a clean right hand followed by a left as Moicano went down. Moicano somehow managed to keep some semblance of consciousness and tried to grapple his way out of trouble. Jung however took his back and, unable to sink in a choke, began to land multiple shots on the ground.

His ferocity left the referee no other choice than to put a stop too the fight as Moicano was unable to defend himself effectively. This phenomenal display also earned Jung a $50,000 bonus for what was a short but exceptionally memorable bout.

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